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   LION WEB COMPONENTS, INC.      7838 W. 47TH STREET      LYONS, IL 60534     (708) 442-1153    FAX (708) 447-3573
Welcome to LION WEB COMPONENTS, INC., a company specializing in Parts and Service for single width presses.  Lion
Web Components offers new and reworked press cylinders and rollers, press parts and eccentrics.  We provide expert
field service, press audits and consultation.

At LION WEB COMPONENTS, INC., we take pride in providing quality parts at competitive prices,  and will guarantee the
customer service you deserve.

Please contact us at:
1-866-539-1153 (Toll-Free Outside of Illinois)
(708) 442-1153 (Within Illinois)

Our qualified staff is more than happy
to answer any questions you may have
regarding your newspaper press.
We are happy to provide you with a
quote for parts and/or services.
Call or email today.
On Sale!
Brand New Male Crosshead
Perf Cylinder, Center 412
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